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Our Story

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Our Story

    "Leather is, and always will be, synonymous with style, while also capturing a classic, timeless look and feel." 

        Chattanooga, Tennessee, has a rich history of leather working, including several saddle shops that sold to settlers moving west. There are still two large saddle companies in the area today.      

        Chattanooga Leather Works was created behind the concept of bringing the combination of modern leather craftsmanship and a classic, timeless look to the blade industry. These sheaths provide an elegant upgrade to your favorite fixed blades. Using the design expertise of Ryan Johnson, founder of RMJ Tactical, LLC, Chattanooga Leather Works has designed one of the first kydex/leather hybrid sheaths. This carry option gives its users the retention properties of kydex as well as the quiet, timeless feel of leather. 

         Chattanooga Leather Works hand-crafts all of RMJ Tactical's leather products as well as sheaths for other companies and artists; including: Spartan Blades, Les George, Steve Schwartzer Knives, and Andrew Bawidamann. In addition to our growing and positive reputation in the blade industry, CLW is developing a line of home and every day goods for everyone who appreciates the quality of handcrafted leather working. Become part of the CLW family by joining our Facebook and Instagram where we share our journey of growth and exploration into new products and designs.